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A decade or two ago the idea of not having children was strange, people knew it was an evident step in life to have kids and traditionally the mother would stay home to raise them. This was how it was for decades before them and it seemed that no other family system could work efficiently. Mothers would give up their dreams and careers to raise children and that would be it. No questions asked. This automatic role and giving up on dreams, however, did not satisfy mother’s fully, speaking for the majority. This circumstance left a gap in women’s careers and growth, workplaces and companies preferred men and hired mostly men knowing that women will not be able to commit for long and are only really available till they have children. This was unfair to the female gender but there were also no sure solutions as to how this can be managed. How can a woman have a career and raise kids at the same time? Slowly society began to realize that women should be able to have careers and with this drive to want to manage both raising children and to be successful in their careers, the service of childcare was introduced and it solved the entire problem.

When this all started, women would tend to leave their children with grandparents or other stay at home mothers and even young babysitters. As the working women concept grew more and more acceptable and possible, entrepreners realized there was a market for commercial childcare services.

Nowadays, a lot has changed, most family systems do not conform to traditional roles or enforce them on each other. There is the talk of equality between both genders and their roles and it is well understood that parenting is a two-parent job, not just the mother’s. The change in thinking has led to solutions for what options are available, allowing to raise children and giving both parents equal opportunities and time to work. Women who choose to stay at home also may use Cranbourne childcare services for when they need a little time off or would like to resume a hobby they once had before children, for example.

The field of childcare has progressed so much so that Cranbourne childcare services are more than just babysitting. Such services hire trained, certified professionals that have experience dealing with children to watch over them when parents are busy or during their work hours. The caregivers can be described as professional teachers for younger children. Sometimes a child as young as one or two years old will be introduced into Cranbourne childcare and with a child so young a different approach of taking care of them needs to be considered.

For instance, if parents are away from these younger children for a few hours each day the child is not getting the chance to be taught to enhance their skills, they aren’t getting a learning environment that would aid their development. This is why when Busy Bee’s Cranbourne child care centre started, it had come to everyone’s attention that children did not simply need to be monitored but they needed to engage in activities and be educated in a subtle way that would replicate, if not be a better replacement, for skills they would have learnt from their parents. Today we no longer have to worry about raising our children or leaving them alone because the perfect balance now exists.


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