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How to Enhance Your Child’s Learning Ability in their Childhood

A child’s early years play an essential role in the kind of adult they grow into. Young minds are easy to mold and need the right direction to be happy, functional, independent adults. The three areas of a child’s development that we will discuss are physical development, Intellectual development and Social development. All these areas can be nurtured through various methods such as educational games, one on one discussions, simple physical exercises etc. Here are some easy tips to follow in your day to day lives with your young-lings.

Physical development

Physical development includes the changes in a toddler’s physical maturity of the body, size and physical abilities in coordination. Gross motor skills refer to the child’s ability to use large muscles. An example of that might be a toddler learning to stand by leaning against objects. Then there are fine motor skills which refer to a child’s ability to use small muscles, specifically their hands and fingers e.g using a color pencil.

The trick to developing a child’s physical strength lies in the little things. Let your child grab and carry easy objects around the house.They could even do simple chores like cleaning surfaces. This lets them develop grip and strength. Walking with objects also helps children improve their balance. It is very important to let your children run and play in open spaces such a parks. Lastly, be sure to give your child a proper diet that aids not only their growth but their strength as well.

Intellectual development

Intellectual growth or in other words the physical growth of the brain, includes learning to use language. It entails the ability to reason and solve problems by organizing thought and ideas.

The first and most important tool that will help you develop this skill is discussions. Have long conversations with your children even if you feel that they do not fully understand. Answer their questions and do not dismiss them. Help them understand why, how or what. Discussions with your child can also develop their moral and emotional skills. It makes them feel more informed, feel loved and attended to. At an early age start reading books to them and as they grow older, with them. Reading is key in learning language.

A young child has the capacity to learn up to 6 languages. Another method of developing linguistic skills is to let your children watch informative cartoons. Cartoons stimulate both the right and left side of your child’s brain. Of course over indulging in cartoons or unsupervised screen time can be harmful also. Lastly let your child develop all five senses by playing sensorial games. Let them feel different textures, smell and taste new things rather than shutting them down because of a potential mess or so on.

Social Development

Social skills start developing as soon as your child is born. Take your children out to gathering and crowds so that they feel comfortable around people. Of course be cautious of who they interact with. Children do as they see.

In order for your children to learn social skills you must demonstrate to them what these skills are in your daily interactions. Take your children to the park or a child care ballarat where they can interact with children their own age. Let them interact with animals or even get them a pet. This helps them develop social skills beyond just having to hold a conversation. With pets one learns non-verbal language or gestures which is just as important as verbal communication.

Although each child is born with preset genes that determine factors of their development that they might not be able to change but nevertheless behavior can be developed through nurturing. So remember to give your child lots of love, attention and support !


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