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Excellent options offered by Boarding Schools Queensland

Would a child fare better in a day school than a boarding school? This is the usual quandary parents’ face when they think of private schooling. If parents are already thinking of private school options, then working out the details is all there is to it.

There are a couple of excellent options offered by boarding schools in Queensland. Some of the considerations range from the academics, the extracurricular activities, the athletics, and more.

Top benefits provided by boarding schools

Boarding schools offer parents and children a lot of top benefits, to include:

Excellent academic studies

The breadth and depth of the academic courses offered in boarding schools fall nothing short of remarkable. Take, for instance, the works of Shakespeare. The plays of Shakespeare are taken seriously in the boarding school curriculum. The school assigns three or four per year with each studied in great detail. This is just one fine example of the astounding academic training a student experiences from a boarding school.

Pursuing a college degree is encouraged

Boarding school students are encouraged not only by the school to pursue college degrees; their classmates also want to finish a degree. It’s because the competitive academic environment of boarding schools encourages students to become successful.

The students learn independence and responsibility

Students learn to live with other members of the community. They are bound by the disciplinary rules of the school to become responsible for their actions. This kind of environment starts to build a solid character foundation for adulthood.

Friends for life are also one of the rewarding benefits provided by boarding schools. A network of acquaintances and friends support systems that are hard to come by in day schools are established in boarding schools.

Small classes

Students do not become simply a number in boarding schools. 10-15 students typically make a class in boarding schools. This encourages active class participation rather than hiding behind classmates.

Smart is the IN thing

Being smart in day school often makes a student feel uncool. Not so in boarding schools. Smart is the IN thing in the campus. Learning is considered cool as well.

Experience living outside of the home

Students may, at first, balk at leaving the comforts of home. Yet, leaving the nest comes at one time or another. Going to college is leaving the nest. Boarding schools provide a taste of going away to college. By the time a student has to go to college, he or she has already adjusted to living away from home.

Inspiring teachers

Teachers with specialised degrees are common in boarding schools. Teachers with advanced degrees in their chosen field also populate boarding schools. These types of teachers typically love teaching with passion. Teachers have a greater chance of sharing their knowledge to their students since disciplinary issues are a rarity in boarding schools.

Excellent arts programs and facilities

Everything related to the world of arts from music, theatre, fine arts, and dance is part of the boarding school’s curriculum. Students with musical talents are given opportunities by the various musical ensembles.

The bottom line

Boarding schools offer ample opportunities for students academically and socially. The reasons given above are only a few benefits provided by boarding schools. There’s more. Find out how your child can benefit from private schooling by contacting Queenslands top boarding school.


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